The Stone Lotus

After a failed operation, Carla Romero is facing a hard reality. Shunned and left in the cold at the Spanish National Intelligence Center, she is forced to find new meaning in life.

When she accidentally discovers that the family story of her grandfather is all wrong, she quickly becomes obsessed with finding the dangerous truth.

She embarks on a journey taking her out of Spain, and all the way to Vietnam. As the family mystery unfolds, she realizes powerful forces are against her, and her entire family. Will she uncover the truth?

Get ready to enter a fast-paced fiction thriller in which investigation and action prevail, which will take you from Spain to Vietnam.

With a beginning inspired by historical facts, this novel touches on burning issues of today's society, while showing the culture of Vietnam and some of its most emblematic locations that will make you fall in love with them.

The Stone Lotus is the first independent fiction novel from the creator of the Mark of Odin saga, Xavier Marcé.

English edition announced! It will be available in paperback, ebook and audiobook editions soon!

The readers say...

A fast-paced thriller with


From the first moment, readers will be able to feel the adrenaline through the protagonists. Whether during the Vietnam War in the past, or today, the characters will be forced into extreme situations that will require all their reflexes, both physical and mental.


Throughout the entire plot, both in the past and today, the characters will be aware at all times of the fragile balance between truth and lies. Faced with a very fragile international geopolitical situation, the line that separates enemies from allies is diluted.


Although this is a fictional novel, its plot is based on real historical events: The presence of Spanish soldiers during the Vietnam War. This starting point serves to create a fiction story with which to connect the past and the present, both in Vietnam and in Spain.


Readers will witness numerous events throughout the development of the story. In them, criticism of burning social issues such as the consequences of political corruption, the importance of caring for mental health or the negative impact of machismo in traditional societies, among others, will be palpable.


A dramatic situation serves as a starting point and emotional trigger for the protagonists. Along their way they will not only have to travel great geographical distances, but also emotional ones, as well as overcome situations of great tension that will test their limits.


Following in the footsteps of the protagonists, readers will discover unique places in Vietnam. They will be able to do it not only with detailed descriptions, but also with the use of geolocation so that they can perfectly see each location. All of this with the aim of encouraging them to visit them in the future.

Main characters

In The Stone Lotus, readers will follow in the footsteps of Intelligence officer Carla Romero Vázquez to discover what really happened to her grandfather, Medical Captain Alberto Romero de Soto. In doing so, she will come across different characters who can become great allies, but also hide unsuspected dangers.


Carla Romero


Ngoc Khánh


Alberto Romero de Soto


Ngoc Khán

The music that plays in the novel

Xavier Marcé

Writer and transmedia book publisher, creator of the literary saga of Mark of Odin. Veteran of the video game industry as Community Manager, responsible for communication, online marketing and business development. Pioneer in journalism specialized in online videogames since 2000. Teacher in the training of new professionals in Community Management and online crisis management. Lecturer at master classes on gamification, transmedia and independent publishing.