The Second Edition of The Stone Lotus is now available on external platforms

The XaviVerso team is pleased to announce that the Second Edition of the thriller novel The Stone Lotus is now available in paper through Amazon and digitally (ebook and audiobook) on the main external platforms. Starting today, readers who purchase the book (and those who have already done so) on Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Apple Books and Kobo will be able to download the updated version of this surprising thriller that connects Spain with Vietnam.

This second edition incorporates the information and corporate identity of the XaviVerso, as well as several corrections and improvements less than a year after The Stone Lotus was first published. It is part of the production plan for reissues of all XaviVerso books, ahead of the imminent launch of its store and online community.

‘Not even ten months have passed since I published The Stone Lotus and to be able to bring a new edition so soon with improvements thanks to the initial feedback from readers is a luxury,’ said Xavier Marcé. ‘All the readers who have read the book have told me that they loved it, which gives me a lot of confidence in being able to make a full launch this fall with which to make this thriller known to the whole world.’

Next collector’s edition in paper coming soon

To celebrate the official launch of the XaviVerso, a pre-order campaign will be activated for the new paper collector’s edition of The Stone Lotus, which will only be available in our online store. This edition will include a unique registration key in the XaviVerso, velvet binding, as well as several extras, including a personalized signature from the author Xavier Marcé. Stay tuned!

Readers who purchased the Early Bird edition will be able to download the new edition as an ebook (and we hope as an audiobook as well) when the XaviVerso portal is available. We are working on a system so that they can have their access activated once the website is ready.

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