The Stone Lotus is now on sale in paper, ebook and audiobook worldwide

The XaviVerso team is pleased to announce that The Stone Lotus is now on sale worldwide in English. Starting today, English-speaking readers can purchase this surprising thriller that connects Spain with Vietnam, both in paperback edition, through Amazon, and in ebook and audiobook formats. You can do so through the main digital platforms (Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books and Kobo), as well as in the XaviVerso store, the only place where the Digital Collector’s Edition is available.

The Stone Lotus on Amazon


Its production has taken several months, including the process of translation into English, proofreading and corrections, as well as the design on paperback and ebook editions, not to forget the production of the audiobook version that has four different voices to offer a more dynamic listening experience.

“Publishing The Stone Lotus in English is a very important step towards the international expansion of the XaviVerso books,” said writer Xavier Marcé. “I am very excited to be able to offer this surprising thriller to readers around the world in English and I trust that this milestone will pave the way for the future publication in this language of my other books that are only available in Spanish at the moment.”

You can purchase The Stone Lotus:

Digital Collector’s Edition

Paperback Edition:

eBook Edition:

AudioBook Edition:

You can enjoy a preview of The Stone Lotus audiobook below, with its entire Prologue.


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