The Stone Lotus thriller book
9 de February de 2024

Author and book publisher Xavier Marcé has announced that the English translation of The Stone Lotus has been completed and that its draft is in the review and editing stage. The English edition of The Stone Lotus will serve as a guide for the production of editions in this language for all the XaviVerso books…

14 de September de 2023

After much waiting we finally reveal what will be our new corporate identity and image for XaviVerso, the literary universe of author Xavier Marcé, where everything will be connected. This is a first step towards definitively launching our new XaviVerso platform and community, as well as the new version of the Mark of Odin website….

20 de February de 2023

Dear #MarcadosporOdín and XaviVerso fans, we inaugurate the first Letter from the Author of 2023 and number 86 since I started this tradition. This is the first one that will make the leap to be officially addressed to all my XaviVerso readers, whether they are from The Mark of Odin or The Stone Lotus. I…