Announcing the official title of the novel and the pre-order campaign

Today is a very special day, as we finally reveal our existence to the world. Both the title of the novel ‘The Stone Lotus’ by Xavier Marcé, as well as this official website, its social media and, more importantly, that next Monday, October 3, 2022, we will launch the… Early Pre-order campaign!

Early Pre-Order Campaign

With it, readers will have the opportunity to get the exclusive printed edition of ‘The Stone Lotus’ numbered and with your name printed on the title page, as well as being included in the thanks section as ‘Pioneer Agents’.

The final countdown has begun to discover this fast-paced thriller and emotional story in which you will follow in the footsteps of a unique character, Carla Romero, in her obsessive quest to find the truth about what happened to her grandfather. Along the way you will be visitors to unique and wonderful places, as well as witnesses to a world full of corruption, drama, action and where not everything is what it seems. You will do it with a plot that will evolve in parallel from the end of the 60s to our most current present.

The Early Pre-Order Campaign will take place on our mother platform of Mark of Odin, from where you can book both the print and digital editions. Stay tuned next Monday, October 3, 2022, since you will be able to see the link to participate in the campaign.

All the information about The Stone Lotus

On this website you can access all the information available on ‘The Stone Lotus’ and its news. From its official synopsis, latest news to specific sections with which you can put a face to the main and secondary characters of the novel, discover some of the main locations described in the story and, of course, enjoy the spectacular soundtrack of the book.


Yes, you read correctly, in ‘The Stone Lotus’ music will be another character and in each chapter you will be able to find one or two musical themes that will have great symbolism. So we have created a playlist so that you can listen to it while you read or in your spare time. It is composed of some of the greatest classics of the 60’s and 70’s, as well as current songs that will take you from Spain to Vietnam.

The Stone Lotus Social Media and the start of the Xaviverso

In addition, today we launch our official accounts on social networks and also what will be the great matrix for all the works of the author and publisher Xavier Marcé. And it is that today we finally reveal the first iteration of the Xaviverso, the literary universe of Xavier Marcé in which everything will be connected.

Here are links so you can follow us and be aware of our news:

We thus welcome you, future pioneering agents. We hope you dare to take the step of embarking on this story and we can count on you to publish it. Stay tuned for October 3!


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