The Stone Lotus is Gold!

The stone lotus is already in Gold phase. In other words, it has already entered into our friends Printcolor’s home to start the printing process for the exclusive and limited Early Pre-order edition. In addition, we have already shared the final design of the book cover, which includes the final illustration by art director Manu Nieto. You can see it below.

We have also updated the book and profile images on our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as on this website. The final version of The Stone Lotus will be 357 pages long and will include the printed name of all the readers who participated in the pre-order campaign. You can see a preview in the following TikTok.

@xaviverso El thriller El loto de piedra ya es ‘Gold’. Es decir, ¡ya está listo para enviar a imprenta! #libros #novelas #Vietnam #España #viajar #turismo #suspense #acción #ebooks #booktokerespañol ♬ Takin’ Me Higher – The Young Ebenezers

The next step will be to receive the print sample copy of this edition next week and, if everything is correct, give the Ok so that all the books in the print run are printed. If all goes well we hope to have them in two weeks and be able to start preparing shipments. Our goal is to get the books out to readers before the end of November. Let’s see if we got it!

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