We have already sent all books from The Stone Lotus Spanish Pre-order campaign!

Today, Monday, November 21, all the copies of the Spanish pre-order campaign of The Stone Lotus have left our headquarters, destined for the homes of the readers who participated in it. We do so after receiving all the books of the limited and exclusive edition last week.

The author Xavier Marcé has dedicated all the manuscripts that are personalized with the printed names of the participants. For this he has undergone hard training as you can see in the following video.

After a whole weekend dedicating books and preparing packages, today our courier friend, TIPSA, has finally come to collect all the orders and they are on their way. We hope they will reach readers’ homes in the coming days.

The next thing for us is to finish preparing the launch of the paper edition of The Stone Lotus on Amazon and the digital ones on the main external platforms.

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